IPTV Tutorial – What Is IPTV?


IPTV Tutorial – What Is IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) In this IPTV Tutorial, we will explore all about Internet Protocol Television including its Definition, Features, Architecture, Protocols, Advantages, etc.: The conventional television content distribution uses satellite, cable and terrestrial broadcast system formats. But the Internet Protocol TV or IPTV provisions the broadcast of the television […]

Best Android Tv Box in 2020

smart iptv

Best TV Box Android IPTV in 2020 TV BOX TV-Box, also known as Android Box or Smart TV Box, is increasingly in demand. In fact, these small, not very expensive devices can turn your TV into a Smart TV. Your television will become a mini computer connected to the internet. Here you have the ranking […]


What is IPTV and Why IPTV Why should someone you’ve never met decide what you can watch on TV and when you can watch it? True, there’s always a choice of channels, but the selection is still quite limited and unless you record programs in advance, you can only watch them when they’re broadcast. Wouldn’t it be […]